ESG — The Most Important Benefit

What Do We Mean By Community?

How Community Is Captured In ESG

The Focus on Materiality

Materiality Misses the Most Important Point

ESG Is Not The Messiah

The Opportunity — Restoring the Balance

  • The individual and the community. Decision-makers are now more than ever needing to consider the greater good. The individual greed and self-interest of the ’80s are far less trendy than they used to be, now being replaced with a greater concern for altruism and reciprocity. Investors are now actively seeking out those organisations that give back not only to their shareholders but to all layers of their community.
  • Unique contexts and shared philosophies. Each organisation is unique, with its own complex set of goals and challenges, its own culture and language. However, ESG creates not only a shared language but a common philosophy. It can bring people together across industries and nations with a shared understanding of what is important for their organisations and their vision for the future. While individual firm markets, products, services and structures may differ, with ESG, the overall goal of caring for their communities is clear.
  • The tangible and intangible. Jacque Lucien said humans are nourished by the invisible, and we die by preferring its opposite. ESG instigates a rebalancing of priorities from tangible and material to intangible and invisible outcomes. Things such as profits and costs are being rebalanced with concerns around relationships and wellbeing. Productivity is balanced with engagement and psychological safety, and risk management is balanced with trust. Of course, ESG is not the sole contributor to this shift. Still, through its impressive and institutionalised influence, it has the potential to meld many of these concepts together and lift them to a heightened status.
  • The masculine and the feminine energies. This may be a controversial opinion, but I see ESG as a tool to bring a greater balance between masculine and feminine energies in business. Traditional corporations are built on the masculine characteristics of competition and triumph. In contrast, feminine energy prioritises care, compassion and nurturing of relationships. While we may talk about gender diversity on boards and leadership teams, action is more important than gender identity. You can have a plethora of women in decision-making roles. Still, if they continue to act predominantly from masculine energy, you will not gain the benefits of true diversity. By bringing greater consideration and care to the vast community that a corporation serves, ESG is enabling real diversity in decision making, regardless of the gender of the people sitting at the table.



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Belinda Tobin

Belinda Tobin


Author. Series Executive Producer of the Future Sex Love Art Projekt. Founder of The 3rd-Edge and The Addiction Healing Pathway.