The Pandemic in the Public Sector

  • A disease
  • Infectious
  • Affects a substantial number of people.

Apathy Is A Disease

Apathy Is Infectious

Apathy Is Widespread

  1. The response rate for the survey
  2. The proportion of neutral responses

1. The Survey Response Rate

Neutral Responses

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  • Genuinely had no opinion on the issue (considered unlikely given the general nature of the topics covered)
  • Took the easy option just to complete the questionnaire
  • Are in a personal conflict between the positive and negative aspects they see related to the issue
  • Are worried about expressing an opinion lest they are identified.

Let’s Do The Math

The Cause Of The Disease

The Consequences

What’s Next?



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